Chongkai Gao 高崇凯

  PhD Student

  School of Computing

  National University of Singapore


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I am a PhD student at School of Computing, NUS, advised by Prof. Lin Shao. Previously, I obtained my Master's Degree in 2023 and my Bachelor's degree in 2020 from Department of Automation, Tsinghua University under the supervision of Prof. Feng Chen. I also work closely with Prof. Huazhe Xu.

My research interest lies in robot learning: endowing robots with the most dexterous manipulation skills based on the simplest mechanical structures.

I am open to research collaborations! If you are a senior researcher seeking collaborators (on the topics of 3D vision/LLM/tactile/generative model for robotics), or a junior student seeking a beginning research project, contact me now!




ManiFoundation Model for General-Purpose Robotic Manipulation of Contact Synthesis with Arbitrary Objects and Robots
Zhixuan Xu*, Chongkai Gao*, Zixuan Liu*, Gang Yang*, Chenrui Tie, Haozhuo Zheng, Haoyu Zhou, Weikun Peng, Debang Wang, Tianyi Chen, Zhouliang Yu, Lin Shao
* indicates equal contribution.
Arxiv, 2024.
Paper | Website | Code


RiEMann: Near Real-Time SE(3)-Equivariant Robot Manipulation without Point Cloud Segmentation
Chongkai Gao, Zhengrong Xue, Shuying Deng, Tianhai Liang, Siqi Yang, Lin Shao, Huazhe Xu
Arxiv, 2024.
Paper | Website | Code


LIBERO: Benchmarking Knowledge Transfer in Lifelong Robot Learning
Bo Liu∗, Yifeng Zhu∗, Chongkai Gao∗, Yihao Feng, Qiang Liu, Yuke Zhu, Peter Stone
* indicates equal contribution.
NeurIPS 2023 Track Datasets and Benchmarks, 2023.
ICRA Workshop on Effective Representations, Abstractions, and Priors for Robot Learning, 2023. Oral Presentation
CoRL Workshop on Towards Generalist Robots: Learning Paradigms for Scalable Skill Acquisition, 2023. Oral Presentation
Paper | Website | Video | Code | Twitter


Iterative Interactive Modeling for Knotting Plastic Bags
Chongkai Gao, Zekun Li, Haichuan Gao, Feng Chen
CoRL, 2022. Best Systems Paper Nomination
Paper | Zhihu | website


Transfering Hierarchical Structure with Dual Meta Imitation Learning
Chongkai Gao, Yizhou Jiang, Feng Chen
CoRL, 2022.
Paper | Code | Zhihu


Subjective Learning for Conflicting Data
Tianren Zhang, Yizhou Jiang, Xin Su, Shangqi Guo, Chongkai Gao, Feng Chen
ICLR Workshop on Agent Learning in Open-Endedness, 2022.
Paper | Zhihu


CRIL: Continual Robot Imitation Learning via Generative and Prediction Model
Chongkai Gao, Haichuan Gao, Shangqi Guo, Tianren Zhang, Feng Chen
IROS, 2021.
Paper | Code | Zhihu


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